A valid license must be optained before broadcast, distribution or reproduction of the MINDS AND MUSIC recordings. MINDS AND MUSIC is distributed in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland by DNA MUSIK GmbH. You can download the DNA license application here. Simply fill out the application form of the PDF, print, sign and forward via email, post or fax to DNA MUSIK.

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Pricelist AUSTRIA
License Application
License Application SWITZERLAND

For all other territories, please contact our international agents. If you can’t find your country, please contact DNA MUSIK at:

Australasia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India & U.A.E.
Big Bang And Fuzz
France & Luxemburg Parigo Music
Greece Musou Music
Israel Miles Of Music
Italy Machiavelli Music
Japan Nichion Inc.
Netherlands & Benelux All Music
Scandinavia & Poland Upright Music
South Korea
UK Boost Music
USA & Canada The License Lab