The mind is delicate and special and no two are alike.

Anywhere or anyhow. Just like every person has their own secret DNA recipe inside of them, every musical artist has his or her own sound ingredients and spices. We have found some of the most creative and innovative musical and artistic minds for MINDS AND MUSIC and have made it our goal to continue to discover the minds who feel and live for music. Our albums also display original artwork from established as well as emerging modern and contemporary visual artists.

Sound and Vision. That’s what we’re about.

We have made it our mission to devote our ears and eyes to the true artists.
The ones that make us feel.

Album Theme: Super Silly Music. Listen to So Silly, Beer Buddies, Halfbaked Henry and The Quack Crew.


Jump on this crazy train of quirky, kooky and super silly tracks that will put a huge grin on your face and happiness in your ears. Inquisitive and light, childish & carefree, cheerful & family, sassy & kitch, slapstick & funny – we’ve got the whole kit and caboodle in this one, featuring real acoustic instrumentation enhanced by a bunch of wacky and zany cartoon sound effects. 

Album Art: Dan Kessler

Album Theme: Working World. Listen to Business Overview, Profit And Loss, NYC Hustle and Data Ingestion.


Do selfmade million and billionaires know exactly how to make their fortune by following some kind of a gut feeling or do they use a methodical step by step plan they learned at a prestigious business school? Or perhaps they simply inherited a huge amount of money to jump start their business or they lucked out with a risky move that set them up for life. What about you? Do you work to live or is your work your life?

Album Art: Bernd Erich Gall

Album Theme: Stream Of Consciousness. Listen to From The Heart, In The Moment, Creative Process and Freedom Of Expression. 


Uncover thoughts which appear in your mind without thinking and allow them to flow freely into a somewhere you have never been before. Don’t be afraid. You can do this.

Album Art: Jürg Siegl

Album Theme: Listen to Truly Trill, NYC Cool, Couch Chillaxing and Best Dog. 


Characterized by strong hip-hop influences, URBAN UNDERGROUND takes you right into a citified soundscape. Pulsing beats, powerful basslines and striking synths create the perfect soundtrack to capture the unfiltered energy of the streets. 

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Movie Scenes. Listen to Opening Scene, Redemption Scene, Temptation Scene and Closing Scene. 


From the beginning to the end, these gripping tracks set the scene for every thrilling movie moment, keeping you in suspense and on an emotional rollercoaster of fear, anxiety, intrigue, relief and everything in between. 

Album Art: Peer Cabon

Album Theme: The Blues. Listen to Crawfish Boil, Bourbon Street, Mason Dixie Line and Peyote Sunset. 


This is the music of a culture born at the crossroads. A culture trying to survive by just chuggin’ along to the sweet notes of optimism in Mama’s cornbread alongside the despair of troubled times. Dies ist die Musik einer Kultur, die an einem Kreuzweg geboren wurde. Einer Kultur, die versucht zu überleben, indem sie einfach immer weitermacht und sich nicht unterkriegen lässt – mit einer Prise süßem Optimismus in Mamas Cornbread neben der Verzweiflung schwieriger Zeiten.

Album Art: Joel Traylor

Album Theme: String Symmetry. Listen to New World Order, Abstract Images, Modernism and Methodical Patterns.

String Symmetry

A modernist collection of pieces utilising the traditional string section, with neoclassical experimentation and avant-garde flourishes. Expressive string techniques and supporting instruments such as piano and mallets create intricate, interlocking rhythms and harmonies throughout. 

Album Art: Daniel Voramar

Album Theme: Electronic Folk Music. Listen to My Origami Heart, Space Dreams, Anywhere In The World and The Big Secret.


Modern instrumental stories as told by an eclectic fusion of acoustic folk instruments, orchestral ensembles and electronic elements.

Album Art: Paul Galas

Album Theme: Hope. Listen to Passion, My Hopeful Heart, Highest Aspirations and Incredible Possibilities.


Life is full of ups and downs, but as the saying goes, hope dies last. Hold onto it no matter what. A thoughtful and uplifting collection of atmospheric synths, heartfelt piano, tasteful percussion and colourful supporting elements. 

Album Art: Lisa-Maria Puy

Album Theme: Modern Flamenco. Listen to Great Big Sombrero, Andalusian Wine, The Rain In Spain and El Camino.


It’s an art form that defines the soul of a nation, from the lively guitar music to the energetic dance steps that go with it. A modern take on traditional flamenco guitars and percussion, reimagined together with strings, synthesizers and electronic beats. 

Album Art: Michael Zander c/o Jutta Fricke Illustrators

Album Theme: Forensic Analysis. Listen to Haunting Questions, The Coroner, Paranoid Worldview and Really Bad Thoughts.


Cold hard facts have never been colder or harder than this, when so many lives have been lost. Bleak, introspective and even disturbing tracks that delve into the dark side of the investigative process.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Forensic Analysis. Listen to Voices In My Head, Social Media, High Noon and Delusions Of Grandeur.


Dark thoughts lead to darker deeds. Inside the twisted mind of a mass murderer and the terror of the ultimate crime. Dark, ominous and emotional hybrid tracks featuring unsettling synths, dramatic strings and menacing percussion.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: The Musical Heart of Hollywood. Listen to Moondance Romance, Pirate Treasure, Cosmic Victory and Captain Oompah.


The spectacular sound of the silver screen in all its glory. Sweeping orchestral scores ranging from the dramatic to the romantic.

Album Art: Michael Zander c/o Jutta Fricke Illustrators

Album Theme: The World Around You. Listen to Wilderness, Trials, Golden Rays and The Swift Mind.


Life is full of feeling and rich with wonder, if you only stop and take the time to look at the world around you. Atmospheric, introspective tracks with electronic, orchestral and piano elements.

Album Art: Ros Rosenbauer

Album Theme: Romance & Relationships. Listen to Two Faces, Silent Words, The Art Of Love and Fleeting Moments.


The heart has its own kind of music. Often joyful, sometimes sad. A collection of heartfelt tracks featuring piano, guitars, strings and other emotive instruments.

Album Art: Karl-Bernd Beierlein

Album Theme: Operating Instructions. Listen to Safety & Security, Clear Instructions, Hours of Operation and Key Objectives.


The sound of progress. A collection of intricate and ingenious tracks that evoke the marvels of modern science and technology with many moving parts.

Album Art: Ute Mohme

Album Theme: African Roadtrip. Listen to Maskanda Magic, Cape Cruising, Meandering Rivers and Serengeti Sunrise.


A laid-back journey through the heart of Africa, stopping at many wild and wonderful destinations along the way. Gentle, groovy tracks featuring guitars, bass, percussion and a variety of African instruments.

Album Art: Mamadou Bai

Album Theme: Pure Pizzicato. Listen to The Rainstorm on the Lake, My Family Album, Walking Suspense and Looney Cartoons.


From the playful and whimsical to the tense and mysterious, this diverse collection of organic and intricate pizzicato tracks covers a wide range of moods and emotions.

Album Art: Daniel Voramar

Album Theme: Guitar Space. Listen to Wonderful Colorful World, Beautiful Storm, Lavender Love and Cherry Blossom Bliss.


A deep dive into the soul of the guitar, with its many moods, textures and emotions. The transporting power of six strings and a supporting cast of atmospheric elements.

Album Art: Joel Traylor

Album Theme: Irie Vibes. Listen to Party On The Beach, Sunny Afternoon, Camden Town Ska and Kingston Stroll.


Straight outta Jamaica, these irie tracks will have you transported to a palm-covered beach in the Caribbean in no time. Feel-good reggae and ska tracks with traditional flavour and a whole lot of good vibes.

Album Art: Anastasia Mak

Album Theme: Inquiries & Investigations. Listen to Breaking Glass, The Investigator, Forensic Analysis and Hard Facts.


Dark secrets wait silently to be uncovered and uncomfortable truths emerge from the shadows as the plot thickens. A mysterious collection of moody melodies, dark synths, sparse strings and subtle percussion.

Album Art: Joel Traylor

Album Theme: Funk Fever. Listen to Uptown Funk, Funky Cats, Midnight Funk and Funkadelic Vibes.


Is it hot in here? You bet it is! It’s high time to get totally funked up on FUNK FEVER! Get up and get your booty on the dancefloor and sweat it out in the scorching heat of flaming guitar riffs, hooky bass lines and driving drum rhythms.

Album Art: Quique del Bianco

Album Theme: Short Stories. Listen to Extraordinary Story, Dreams Of You, The Lonely Ballerina and My Best Friend.


These SHORT STORIES can be chapters in the life of many or just a few special people you may know. Compact in emotion and intensity, and much more memorable than the average life will ever be.

Album Art: Ute Mohme

Album Theme: Frenetic Fusion. Listen to Flight of the Robots, Huge Rise, The Long Climb and The Final Leg.


An epic, energetic and eclectic fusion of orchestral and electronic elements. Soaring strings, bold brass, big beats and fiery synthesizers.

Album Art: Michael Zander

Album Theme: Machines In Motion. Listen to Super Highway, Acceleration, Good Momentum and Kinetic Energy.


Moving and shaking, rattling and rolling. From the smooth and fluid to the fast and the furious, these driving tracks evoke energy and movement in all forms and directions.

Album Art: Ty Kelly

Album Theme: Crime, Cops & Corruption. Listen to Criminal Investigations, The Midnight Slasher, Hot Pursuit and Suspicious Activity.


In today’s digital world, if you’ve witnessed a cop committing a crime, you can prove what you already know with what you’ve captured on your phone. Upload that video, watch it go viral, and you’ve got some bona fide evidence that your cop is a bad cop. Now go back in time, and just try to imagine how it would feel to be at the mercy of such a bad cop, armed with a gun, badge and uniform that give him the authority to do whatever he wants. Imagine you’ve been framed for a crime you didn’t commit, slowly coming to the cruel realization that you can’t get anyone in charge to listen to your story. Because they’re all in on it.

Album Art: Anastasia Mak

Album Theme: The Power of Pop Music. Listen to Hot Popsicle, After Hour Party, Vibing and Rootbeer Float.


When the vibe is so good that you just don’t want the party to end. That’s solid gold coming out of those speakers! From the club to the house party, these tunes are sure to keep the dancefloor full and the good times rollin’. They’re loaded with banging beats, sweet synths and addictive hooks that are impossible to resist moving your body to. So put on your dancing shoes, let your hair down, and come on down to the POP PARTY. Everyone’s invited!

Album Art: Brian Nash

Album Theme: Happy Housepets. Listen to Cats Are Snobs, Dog Sleepover, Suburban Sheep and Harry The Hamster.


Did you know that more than half of the world has at least one pet living with them under their roof? Pets give their owners affection, are great company and might just be better friends than some humans you know. Honestly, if someone doesn’t like my dog, how can they like me? What kind of a person doesn’t get my slobbering, loveable and always starving Labrador Kianadog, who will simply do anything for you, and your leftover sandwich? This comical album not only features acoustic instrumentation played by real humans, we also got a bunch of our HAPPY HOUSEPETS to chime in too!

Album Art: Dan Kessler

Album Theme: Organic Folk Music. Listen to Another Day Away, Finger Pickin’ Good, Summer High and Willow Wind.


This free range, organic and simply delicious FOLKY FUN will sweeten up any kind of day and give you a boost of happy energy along the way. With naturally grown acoustics and collective compositions, these freewheeling tracks will make you clap your hands and stomp your feet all night long. Yeehaw! Gimme some of that moonshine!

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Losing It All. Listen to Midland Mendota, Through The Words, Coping Mechanisms and The Velvet Shadows.


Skin on skin, cut to the bone. Gentle wind through an empty meadow. The lonely swing back and forth. Clear skies fill with dark clouds about to storm. They say that’s when it’s never been more calm. It sails in over our heads. It’s coming down right over our heads. I will hold your hand. As all the bomb debris blows past. I will hold your hand. How ever long we both shall last.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: To The Moon And Back. Listen to Apollo 11, Rocket Fuel, Astronaut Dreams and So Many Stars.


All alone. In space. How does it feel to be an astronaut leaving everything in life behind in exchange for cold dark loneliness? How does it feel to blast off of the face of the Earth into the final frontier of the mysterious universe, where the silence is so loud, that it’s ringing in your ears. What are the astronaut’s last thoughts, when the spacecraft hatch is sealed with an airtight boom and within a couple of seconds, there’s no turning back from another MISSION to the MOON.

Album Art: Bernd Zimmer

Bild 1630_BZ © VG Bild-Kunst, 2020

Album Theme: Scary String Soundtracks. Listen to Darkness And Doom, Creeping Pizzicato, Murder Hornets and Rising Evil.


A hearse has pulled up outside your gate and putters, idling in the crisp winter morning haze. From behind the brown stained curtain in the back window of the car you can sense a gnarly hand beckoning you to come outside. As you move to open your front door, the phone rings and diverts your attention. As soon as you look up again, the car outside is gone. And then, something swirls its way down the garden path, into the clearing by the old birch tree. You know that everyone’s away for the weekend, and you’re not expecting any visitors. Your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to investigate. In an attempt to carefully open the back door, two hands firmly grip you from behind and leave you in a heap on the floor. Frightened to death and all alone in this unexpected attack, SCARY STRINGS play ferociously in the background of this heart stopping thriller.

Album Art: Joel Traylor

Album Theme: Electrifying Electronica. Listen to Motion Control, Hi Speed, Strange Fusion and Euphoria.


Time stops when you’re jumping up and down in ecstasy to the pounding beat of ELECTRIFYING ELECTRONICA. The combination of trippy neon strobe lights and an insistent pulse of music is feeding you all the energy you need. Every nerve in your highflying body is engulfed in rapture, so take one last deep breath and be prepared to go down the rabbit hole and have the best time of your life.

Album Art: Quique del Bianco

Album Theme: Analogue Ambience. Listen to Ordinary Story, Etna, Dusk Thoughts and A Little Distance.


When I composed the tracks for ANALOGUE AMBIENCE, I wanted to emphasize musical tones and atmospheres through the use of acoustic and organic instrumentation, starting with my primary instruments: guitar and piano. I also explored the timbres and sound of some ethnic instruments like charango, duduk, oud and mandolin, mixed with more traditional instruments like trumpet, violin and cello aiming to create a unique and dramatic sound. – Federico Truzzi. The distinct character which evolved in this compilation is so pure due to the nature of its authentic instrumentation and at the same time, it is also so incredibly exciting – owed to the thought provoking originality of its compositions.

Album Art: Bernd Zimmer

Bild 1755_BZ © VG Bild-Kunst, 2020

Album Theme: The Sounds of World Percussion. Listen to Spice Bazaar, Punjabi Express, Dromedar Drive and Trains To Taranga.

Pulsing Percussion

A heartbeat keeps you alive. And the beat of a drum can allow you to listen to your soul. PULSING PERCUSSION skillfully weaves Eastern, Central African, Arabic, European Contemporary, South American and Australian influences into a global compilation of world fusion drum sounds. Ideal for enhancing suspenseful punctuation with driving, pulsing, bubbling jungle and edgy urban scenes and suspenseful dusty desert adventures. All of these thematic compositions are played authentically on real instruments by real humans for an organic and original flair.

Album Art: Brian Nash

Album Theme: Taking The Road Less Travelled. Listen to Heat Haze, Open Road, Tumbleweed Hallucinations and Pacific Coast.


A renegade is someone who rejects lawful or conventional behavior. Jack Kerouac hit the road in a series of aimless roadtrips from 1947 to 1950, documenting his infamous memoirs in “On The Road”. Did he know then that he would not only change the culture of travelling, but influence an entire “Beat” generation of musicians, poets and writers? RENEGADE ROADTRIP is dedicated to all of you roadtrippers out there who see life as a journey and the path as your goal.

Album Art: Joel Traylor

Album Theme: Inspirational Indie Rock. Listen to Daydreams, The Clapping Sun, Golden Sunshine and Everything In Time.


Up on stage, we become the essence of who we really are. When we’re playing for a roaring crowd and giving our music everything we’ve got, this feeling really can’t be beaten. Lifted up by the waves of sound, it feels like we’re completely weightless. Time to find out if the sky really is the limit.

Album Art: Jaime Ubeda Palenque

Album Theme: Sweet Summer. Listen to Malibu Beach, That Soft Summer Hum, Perfect Waves of Summer and Magical Moments.


Is there anything out there that’s just as delightful as the sweet and salty smell of a hot summer day on the shore? That special blend of scrumptious magic cooked to perfection by a hot summer sun, a dash of warm coconut oil, a salty splash of ocean breeze and some SWEET SUMMER tunes floating around in the air. Can this be heaven on earth?

Album Art: Gisela Halbe

Album Theme: Iconic Architecture. Listen to Skyscraper Sunrise, The Flatiron, Art Deco and Yesterday’s Future.


New York City’s skyline has evolved constantly during the course of its highrise history. The past and the future cross paths and leave their mark on everything. With the completion of iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, the highest church steeples and factory smoke stacks lost alot of their stature. But just how dramatic will the world’s SKYSCRAPERS & SKYLINES change in the next year, decade or even century?

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: The Northern Lights. Listen to Niflheim Land of Fog, Aurora Zone, Happy Hygge and Days of Night.


NORDIC NIGHTS is a musical collection which fully captures the magical phenomenon of the aurora borealis, the fabled “northern lights”. These spacious compositions, which tell of stories both on land and at sea, capture our attention by simply combining real instrumentation and organic sound design. We are easily transported into cold darkness or fantastical lights through sound. These evocative and alluring tracks will appeal to producers of film and media who aim to create depth and enchantment, especially – but not limited to – Nordic-themed stories and documentaries.

Album Art: Joel Traylor

Album Theme: Emotions From The Great Beyond. Listen to All The Stars In The Universe, Floating Innocence, Fluid Dreaming and Rain In Winter. Dedicated to Valentin Olla.


I lost a boy I didn’t know and yet I feel him in my heart and in my soul. He could have been my very own, a kindred spirit that won’t let go. My friend tells me it hurts so much sometimes. He misses his bright young smile and the sound of his voice. But he also told me that time is just a referential frame and that they will be together again. This album is for you Val. I hope you like it.

Album Art: Jürg Siegl

Album Theme: Living In Suspense. Listen to The Showdown, The Crisis, Innermost Fears and The Secret.


What are the chances of some SERIOUS SUSPENSE literally killing you? You’re sitting around and mulling over the secret again and again, and have come to terms with the fact that you’re in a pretty big crisis. You’re on edge, holding your breath and your Innermost Fears are all coming true. Add to the fact, that the people in charge are not only taking their sweet little time but are also most definitely plotting against you. These edgy tracks will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and will create the perfect setting for chilling docudramas, factual, criminal and investigative programming. Keep them in mind for game, talent, dating and cooking contests too though. And don’t forget to breathe while you’re listening.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: String Stories. Listen to A Land Far Away, Magic Skies, Strange Towns and Happy Things.


This outstanding collection of compositions featuring real strings is human music performance at its very best. These magnificent STRING SESSIONS have such a lovely sound, texture and feel that they will transport you to a higher level of consciousness. This is the kind of magic that happens when extraordinary compositions are introduced to brilliant players. So, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the rich, full symphonic sound we’ve created here.

Album Art: Daniel Voramar

Album Theme: Late Night Jazz Club. Listen to Crazy Jive, Newport, Marble Bin and Happy Daisies.


I listened to a lot of jazz albums and thought more often than not that they were right on the money – real slick, professional studio sessions that sounded no less than perfect. But a bit too perfect for my liking. I started looking for some real players to capture the vibe of a live jazz club, found them all right and recorded some classy and authentic cool jazz. The kind of jazz you’ll hear after midnight, when the COOL CATS are warmed up and in the groove, entertaining their audience and enjoying every minute of it in a classic jazz club in NYC.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Ambient Atmospheres. Listen to Walled Gardens, Fine Art Galleries, Low Density and Punctuations.


Is it quiet enough for you to be able to hear the sound of a pin drop in your current surroundings? If so, what kind of a sound would that make? Would it sound like the sound of something trying not to make a sound? Or would it be so faint that your ears wouldn’t be able to hear it at all? AMBIENT ATMOSPHERES magnifies various outside and inside background settings without distracting its listeners from what they are in the middle of actually doing. Moving and stationary images will remain in the foreground of the viewers mind and these sparse yet intriguing tracks will serve as a warm encasing around the entire picture. This is most definitely music for thought.

Album Art: Bernd Erich Gall

Album Theme: Radiant Rock. Listen to Wonder Lane, Saturn V, Golden Heart and Damage Control.


Chris Carter contacted me out of the blue and the first time I listened to his band MIND POOL from Capetown, South Africa I immediately thought, why aren’t these guys headlining rock festivals or selling out concerts in mega stadiums around the world? For me, they are the most righteous millennial continuation of what grunge did for rock history in the 90s. I’m so blown away by this band, who have been described as a “hypnotic aural trip” (New Musical Express), consisting of “hazy, psychedelic melody, gorgeous, temperate rhythm and incredible guitar work.” (Howl & Echoes) So just sit back, put your best headphones on and let these psychedelic waves of radiant rock wash over you.

Album Art: Manuela Knaut

Album Theme: Spellbinding Guitar. Listen to Acoustic Love, Electric Blossum, Hoopoe Ambient and Finnish Winter.


This spellbinding album is a soul soothing musical massage that goes far beyond folk. A colorful array of alternative and new folky arrangements smells like a bouquet of vibrant psychedelic sounds. Instrumental flirtations between sweet acoustic and experimental electric guitars make aerial boundaries disappear in thin air. Composer Mario Knapp says, “My guitar brings out my purest, most honest feelings. No sugarcoating. No faking. A friend of mine once said to me – Your first love will always be with you. I thought, yeah, my guitar is my first love. My magic key to making music. No matter what happens on the outside, music will always live in me.”

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Eclectic Electric Switches, Sockets & Synths. Listen to Honey Cashew, Majestic Cupboard, Dirty Robots and Small Town Angst.


They say New York City is the city that never sleeps. Here’s the soundtrack to bustling creative energy fueled by a bunch of nervous people, their pets and all sorts of electronic machinery. British sound designer and composer Pendle Poucher’s colossal collection of otherworldly synthesizers and samples play the starring role in this metropolitan musical. A bundle of unique, strange and inspiring instruments fused with weird and wonderful noises and finally streamed into an eclectic electronic project have unleashed a unique batch of never heard before compositions that just keep getting better.

Album Art: Alexander Milenkovic

Album Theme: Hurting Hearts. Listen to Cotton Candy Clouds, Mixed Emotions, Stormy Nights and Haunted Hearts.


Do you think that it’s possible to die from a broken heart? Are there real physical effects related to what is known as broken heart syndrome? Have you ever been so overwhelmed with grief at the loss of a best friend, a close family member or your soulmate, that your body feels the effects of this grief? An upset stomach, loss of appetite, sleepless nights, heart palpitations – can it be that your body is reacting badly to your hurting heart? While this album certainly can’t mend your broken heart, I do hope the music can stand by your side when you’re feeling blue.

Album Art: Leonardo Camatta

Album Theme: India. Listen to Taj Sunrise, Lord Krishna, Tea Gardens and Dharma Day.


Several years ago, I had a dream that I was standing in front of the Taj Mahal. It had been one of those dreams that felt so real, that when I woke up, I thought I had really been there. So I decided to interpret that dream as a sign from my inner soul and booked a flight to New Delhi a few weeks later. And then, sure enough my first visit to incredible India filled up every single one of my senses almost exactly as I knew it would. A magical melting pot of people, customs and traditions, so many vibrant colors, smells and sounds had left such a lasting impression upon me. I will return one day to this faraway place that still feels so close to my heart and I know that India will blow my mind, awaken my spirit and nourish my soul. Again.

Album Art: Quique del Bianco

Album Theme: The Supernatural. Listen to Ekstasis, Shamanic Dawn, The Magus and Supernature.


When I think about the concept of mysticism the idea of magic appears in my mind. The terms are related in that both of them reflect the unknown. Mysticism is based on the belief in higher powers and an ultimate reality being obtained by intuition and insight as opposed to an ordinary sense of being. I get that. The inexplicable connectedness we sometimes feel with places, people, sights and sounds. Like a whisper of a presence, when we think we are alone. Have you ever experienced something like this? Or are you more active in your spirituality and prefer waving a wand around, chanting something like abracadabra & hokus pokus to make some magic happen? I know one thing for sure – if you don’t believe in magic or mysticism, you will never figure out what any of this is all about.

Album Art: Quique del Bianco

Album Theme: Dangerous Drama. Listen to Bad Conditions, The Cover Up, Toxic Waste and Lost Evidence.


These dangerous music beds and drones will create the perfect setting for any television feature or documentary film focusing on the big cover ups out there. I’m talking about all of those inexplicable incidents and accidents that wind up being ignored on the highest level and deliberately covered up by big corporations, political institutions, real estate conglomerates, insurance companies and more. These dramatic tracks put a spotlight on the countless tragic disasters which leave innocent and helpless victims of radioactive waste, nuclear test sites, bad real estate, insurance fraud, corrupt governments, environmental hazards and unethical working conditions either terminally ill, homeless, broke and in worstcase scenarios, their bad luck resulting in their own deaths.

Album Art: Ros Rosenbauer

Album Theme: Mindfulness. Listen to Peace From Within, Warm Water, Patience and New Truths.


Do you ever find yourself wanting to slow down because you feel like you’re drowning in digital information in today‘s fastpaced online world? The thoughts flowing through your stream of consciousness feel like they’re speeding up all the time and you’re secretly seeking a permanent WIFI free zone for your brain? Are you ready to go offline and shut out the internet and virtual realities? Are you ready to take your smartphone out of the front or back pocket of your pants and put it to rest in the top drawer of your bedside table for a few hours, days or months? Maybe even forever? Do you often wonder what it would be like to turn everything off again and think analogue thoughts? MINDFUL MUSIC will help you unwind and settle into real life again. A life in which you can see, hear, taste and feel clearly again. Just turn off your phone and listen already.

Album Art: Gisela Halbe

Album Theme: The Solar System. Listen to Ground Control, The Rings Of Saturn, Super Jupiter and Moving Mercury.


What makes Earth so special compared to the other planets? Is it really true that our beautiful blue planet is the only world we know of that supports everything we little earthlings need for life? While Venus may be similar to Earth in size, it’s basically hot as hell and Saturn’s hydrogen and helium gases wouldn’t even allow for us to breathe. The stormy, spinning gas giant Jupiter doesn’t seem to be a very friendly place either and blue Uranus is made of water, methane and ammonia fluids – so that planet is out of the question too. Mercury is always on the move and much too close to the heat and light of the sun and the deadliest space weather out there appears to be on cold, dark and windy Neptune. That leaves us with Mars and the fact that a lake of liquid water has recently been discoverd there. So what do you think? Is there life on Mars?

Album Art: Quique del Bianco

Album Theme: Journeyman Years. An Orchestral Movie Soundtrack. Listen to The Runner, Flying Free, Magic Lanterns and New Horizons.


This is an epic orchestral motion picture soundtrack by John Pickup that will grip your heart and soul from the very first note to the final string score. The minute John let me hear the original compositions, I knew that he was onto something big. These brilliant scores deserved orchestral instruments to take them to the highest musical level, so John sat down and started writing out the parts. The extra effort was well worth it in the end and I am absolutely sure that you will hear this loud and clear. MOMENTOUS MOVIES tells the story of a journeyman’s adventures in times long gone. A time in which travelling from one town to another to gain experience in different workshops, was an important part of the training of an aspiring master. The daily struggle for survival for a young and inexperienced craftsman in which a good day would simply be working side by side with a master tradesman, being served a decent meal in the evening and falling asleep in a soft bed at night defined the journeyman years.

Album Art: Ros Rosenbauer

Album Theme: Heaven. Listen to Gentle Clouds, Awakenings, Enchanted Forests and Magic Carpet Rides.


Have you ever thought about heaven? Do you believe that life will be a neverending journey in which your spirit will continue to live beyond the human limitations of your physical self? Perhaps death will open up a weightless new life, a life in which you’ve merely left behind your tired old body to float freely through celestial skies and connect with your favorite souls from days gone by when you were all alive together? Or perhaps you may think that the end will be just that. Lights out and your life is over. Whichever may be the case, CELESTIAL CELLO is the perfect soundtrack to ponder the mysteries of the great beyond.

Album Art: Jürg Siegl

Album Theme: Money. Listen to Positive Statements, Assets & Liabilities, Steady Growth and Due Diligence.


Maybe you’re in the money or maybe you’re stone broke. Perhaps you’re ridin‘ high or just scrapin‘ by. Whatever your current cashflow situation, one thing’s for sure: We all need money. There’s just no way around it and you can’t deny that the bottom line on your bank statement or the contents in your wallet or cookie jar influence your state of mind. So… are you flying high or are you nearly paralyzed? And while money can certainly sweeten up your life, money can turn things sour too. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but money can definitely buy you some happy stuff. So, are you making any money yet?

Album Art: Bernd Erich Gall

Album Theme: Life’s Lessons. Listen to Family Matters, No Regrets, Wonderful Dreams and Painful Lessons.


This album is a continuation of the topics we focused on in MAM003 PEOPLE’S PLACES. We’re talking about psychology and relationships again – only this time, we’re exploring what we may or may not be learning along the way. Are we even paying attention at all when the big stuff is happening to us? We‘re looking at the ups and downs in life, which we all know can often really put us to the test, especially when we encounter all kinds of emotions along the way. Can we learn from our mistakes and is it really true that whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger? And at the end of our days, will we really be older and wiser? Listen to LIFE’S LESSONS for all the answers.

Album Art: Stefanie Hoellering

Album Theme: Criminals. Listen to The Childhood, The Genes, The Meds and The Paranoia.


Why did they insist on letting him out for a few days? And now their lives will never be the same. They ask themselves, why did our sweet little boy murder an innocent young nurse? How can we continue to live in the same town where he killed a woman in cold blood? And they know that the neighbors are pointing their fingers at them behind their backs because they don’t have the guts to say it to their face. They think it’s their fault. They think that pretty girl’s life should also be on their conscience because they raised a killer. They see it in their eyes. Can their lives get any worse than this?

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Crime. Listen to The Chase, The Stalking, The Plan and The Murder.


He can’t turn back now, he’s too close to committing the crime. And then, he’ll finally be free of her. No more thoughts about his infatuation, his obsession and her rejection. He starts telling her how he’s felt about her for so long. He’s blaming her for flaunting her beauty, for simply being alive and so regrettably for her, not interested in him. He’s staring into her eyes, he’s looking straight into her soul, he’s pointing the gun right at her heart, finally pulling the trigger and it takes only one bullet to end her young life.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Professional Sports. Listen to Winning Streaks, Indestructible Man, Burning Rubber & The Shot.


Get ready for a shot of hardcore musical testosterone from our professional athletes starring in SPORTS STARS. These energized tracks will make you run farther, jump higher, swim faster, kick harder and hit the spot right on – consistently and consecutively – over and over again. Can’t keep going? Nonsense! We won’t let you stop until you feel the burn. Fasten your seat belt and get your crash helmet on – we’re going into overdrive!

Album Art: Aleksandar Milenkovic

Album Theme: Animals In The Zoo. Listen to Ostrich Olga, Silly Seals, Feeding Time & Monkey Business.


What recollections do you have from visits to your local zoo as a child or now, with your own children as an adult? This album gives its animal characters a voice – we can only imagine what kind of thoughts Zelda The Zebra or Olga Ostrich may or may not be thinking… So let’s spend some fun time to explore the big and wonderful Animal Kingdom on this quirky album dedicated to all of our furry friends in the ZANY ZOOs around the world.

Album Art: Sigynn Bertram

Album Theme: Big Screen Emotions. Listen to Expectations, Light Kisses, Simple Signals & A Dream In Paris.


This is the story of a big movie romance with our favorite star in the leading role. Complete with all of its intricacies and FILMIC FEELINGS going around and around and going up and going down. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, until every last flower petal has been torn off its pistil, dropped onto the floor and left there to wilt. But only as long as our main character falls victim to yet another charming and handsome Mr. Right.

Album Art: Ros Rosenbauer

Album Theme: Summer Vacation. Listen to A Perfect Day In Switzerland, Honeysuckle Flowers, Campfire Kisses.


This is a beautiful organic album that honestly captures so many settings in what I would describe as a perfect summer vacation. The natural and positive excitement of the tracks diving head first into an alpine lake or gently flowing like a stream through a lush green forest. So if the rolling hills of some far-away hinterland or the summit of a mountain in Switzerland are on your bucket list or if you don’t know what I’m talking about here and you’re still looking for the ultimate way to spend your free time, just let this soundtrack lead you to the best summer vacation of your life.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Rock And Roll Memories. Listen to New Ground, Night Life, A Good Night In A Tent & Evening Red.


Here’s my personal hippie flavored musical compilation called STONED & SENTIMENTAL. I’m glad I was an American teenager who figured out there was a pretty big anti-establishment and whatever the hell else wasn’t cool movement going on in a far from glamourous New York City of the 70’s. This album is a tribute to all of us who found out about great music and flower power, because I know that Rock and Roll made my world a much better place to hang out in. Sure wish my parents could have understood what they were missing.

Album Art: Matthias Brandner

Album Theme: Scenic Soundscapes – Looking In. Listen to Empty Beds and Closed Doors, Boxes of Letters & Deepest Devotion.


How many emotions does your heart and your head feel in each and every day? How many situations do you encounter in which you make split second decisions in your reaction towards a person or a particular setting you may find yourself in? What does your facial expression tell the person sitting across from you? Do you look surprised or angry to them, or perhaps you seem sad and tired or on a good day, happy and bursting with energy? Or perhaps they don’t reveal anything at all?

Album Art: Brigid Ibell

Album Theme: Scenic Soundscapes. Listen to Gritty Cities, Coast Highways, Orange Clouds & Diamonds in the Snow.


How many impressions and sounds do your eyes and ears take in each and every day? How many pictures and moving images does your brain process? Why do we see the beauty in so many things, while other objects seem ugly or even upsetting to look at? Or is it just a matter of individual perception and taste? While beauty may very well be in the eye of the beholder, is it possible to see the beauty in everything?

Album Art: Brigid Ibell

Album Theme: Fairytales & Fantasy. Listen to Kings And Queens and Tales Of Chivalry, Magical Journeys and Happy Ends.


Once upon a moonbeam there were kings and queens that neglected their royal duties and found themselves in trouble more often than not. And no matter how often the wise old druids would advise them to take a look outside their carefree ways, they just couldn’t stop their debauchery. Until one day their precious little princess drank from their very own forbidden purple potion and took off with three hobbits into the ancient forest.

Album Art: Matthias Brandner

Album Theme: Modern Medicine. Listen To The Diagnosis and Life Support, Anaesthesia and Morphine Dreams.


Have you ever had a bad accident? A head on collision with the grim reaper? Or do you know someone who’s had a near death experience, a short visit to the world beyond the one we all know now in this life we call home? You’ve heard the stories about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and experiencing an out of body sensation, while your whole life and family flash before your eyes. This album tells the story of a patient who’s been to the great beyond and back.

Album Art: Gisela Halbe

Album Theme: Computer Science. Listen to Operating Systems and Control Panels, Unlimited Possibilities and Personal Profiles.


The long-awaited laptop version of MAM005 COFFEE & COMPUTERS, this continuation of all things virtual and surreal, or just plain old unreal, depending on how you look at and process them. The explosion of the world wide web, petabytes, terabytes, gigabytes, or in other words, huge heaps and piles of storage space in the clouds, chatting while snapping, instant telegrams, tweeks and sneakpeeks, your entire existance summarized and updated regularily on a few pages online.

Album Art: Jürg Siegl

Album Theme: Culinary Delights. Listen to New Delhi Dal, Magic Carpet Pie, Calypso Couscous and Kim’s Dim-Sum.


This route is for the more adventurous traveller out there. You’ve had enough of European culture and cuisine for a while and now you’re ready to spice up your life with an outburst of musical flavours. So just for you, we’ve compiled a menu of destinations on TASTY TRAVELS SPICY that will leave your musical tastebuds tingling with delight. This incredible journey will take you to far-away places including India, Africa, Morocco, the Caribbean & Asia.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Culinary Delights. Listen to My Beautiful Baguette, Schwarzwälderkirschtorte, Fish & Chips and Irish Stew.


Let’s go back to our youthful backpacking days, those times in which we had spent any extra cash we had on a Eurail Pass. This musical journey covers an extensive menu of digestive delights from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland & the Balkans. This is the ultimate Eurail culinary experience and includes a sampling of such savory treats as Beautiful Baguettes, Crêpe Suzette, Beer & Bratwursts, Schwarzwälderkirschtorte, Huevos Rancheros and so much more.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Depression. Listen to The Lonely Ones, Harsh Winters, Scars and Doom & Dread.


Have you ever felt sad for no reason? You go through your day thinking, why am I sad? What happened that has made me feel this way? And you dig deep down inside yourself and you can’t find an answer. You call in sick, you avoid going outside, you have all kinds of excuses for your family and friends until you’re not even lying anymore and the real clinical blues have gotten a hold of you. We’ll just call it DEEP DEPRESSION. Is there a way out of your own self?

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Feelings. Listen to Summer Raindrops, Thankfulness, Perfect Worlds and Swimming Dreams.


I was introduced to Michael Proksch through another MINDS AND MUSIC composer and I was immediately taken by the simple beauty and strong emotions in Michael’s compositions. The album theme for MAM022 PIANO POEMS is simply: Feelings. That should say it all. So sit back and feel the emotional depth in Michael Proksch’s musical poetry.

Album Art: Daniel Voramar

Album Theme: The Study Of Insects. Listen to Daddy Longlegs, The Bees Of Kufra, Dancing Butterflies and Glowing Fireflies.


How do you feel about insects? You know you’re supposed to kind of like them and appreciate them for being who and what they are, for providing high protein meals for the beautiful birdies out there and for all of that work they do underground. This album is dedicated to all factual and fun filmmakers out there alike, as well as children’s TV producers who are looking for the perfect soundtrack to capture the attention of children, who can at times have the attention span of a housefly.

Album Art: Heribert Riesenhuber

Album Theme: Reality TV. Listen to Dawn In The City, Real Life Stories, Happy Hour and Everyday Heroes.


TV, TV, TV. Oh how we love the good ol’ TV. We’ve put some fantastic soundtracks together to supply you with the best music for your daily Reality TV situations. Wonderful musical backdrops for scenarios involving the sports gods of your local highschool hitting the big league or everyday neighborhood heroes getting dogs and cats and kids out of tricky situations. We’ve even cooked up some dinner and late night TV snack tracks for those TV fanatics out there who like to leave the tele on all day (and night).

Album Art: Gisela Halbe

Album Theme: Electricity. Listen to Power Plants, Cool Conductors and Voltage Vibes.


Isn’t electricity just about one of the most fascinating forces you’ve ever come into contact with? Can we imagine a day without voltage? Your fridge, your phone, your computer, your TV, your lights, your mixer, your oven, your espresso machine, etc. Basically, your whole life runs on electricity. That’s why we’ve interpreted many forms of electricity musically on this album. Lots of waves and just as many wires to charge your batteries and keep you going.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Time. Listen to Clockwork, Hours, Minutes and Dangerous Times.


Time is relative. Time can run away from you and time can move so slowly, that you need to kill an hour or an entire day. Killing time. What a concept. In that sense, time can be on your side, but it can also be endlessly cruel and against you. Some people have all the time in the world, while others have to face the fact that their time is up. And some people have absolutely no concept of time at all. One thing’s for sure though – no one can stop time.

Album Art: Jürg Siegl

Album Theme: Ecology. Listen to Renewable Energy, Natural Wonders, Green Footprints and Ecological Echoes.


This natural music will inspire you to start saving our planet now. We’ve got a great lineup of pure and practical tracks and tips for all of you eco-friendly listeners out there. Tips like hanging your laundry to dry – Yes! Really! We haven’t gone crazy here. Another tip we’ve got is telecommuting. Save gas and environmental wear and tear by staying home in your jammies and dialing all your key account clients from there. What’s not to love about that one? And how about planting a tree? You can do it!

Album Art: Mikos Meininger

Album Theme: Philosophy. Listen to Determinism, Absolutism, Scepticism and Angst.


Where did we come from and why are we here at all? Are the places we go and the people we meet really only fignments of our imaginations? Or are we only being moved along by a greater power who knows our fate for life on the day we are born? Should that be the case, then why take “life” seriously at all? Nobody knows the answers. Nobody’s got it figured out. Even Nietzsche, Hegel, Kant and Schopenauer had their ideas, but couldn’t answer our questions. And doesn’t that make us all equal in the end?

Album Art: Daniel Voramar

Album Theme: Criminology. Listen to Mean Streets, Shattered Glass, Investigations and Dark Justice.


Listen to Mean Streets, Shattered Glass, Investigations and Dark Justice. And then he strikes in your own neighborhood, just blocks away from where you live and where your kids wait for the schoolbus. You start taking precautions, like driving the youngsters to and from everywhere they have to go, and you make sure everyone is home before it gets dark. You’ve seen this kind of stuff on TV, but you never realized until now, that psychoterror could hit you where it hurts most. At home.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Weather. Listen to Fields of Flowers, Warm Rain, Golden Leaves and Silver Snowflakes.


Talking about the weather always breaks the ice. No matter whom you might have a phonecall, business meeting or semi uncomfortable confrontation with, mention the day’s current temperature or peculiarities of the season at hand, and you’ll find yourself covering a topic everyone knows something about. We’ve categorized the weather into seasons and we think you’ll find this topic useful on any given day of the year, rain or shine.

Album Art: Jürg Siegl

Album Theme: Aerodynamics. Listen to Forgotten Horizons, Hope In The Empty, Airships and Waveclouds.


Mankind’s fascination with flying, from the story of Icarus & Daedalus flying with wings made of feathers and wax to modern millionaires venturing out into space for the simple fun of it makes us realize that more often than not, human beings long to escape the troubles of the earth and be free as a bird. So if you’re thinking of filming paragliders, birds, supermen, or anything else that’s airbourne, these tracks will take you up and away.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Geography. Listen to Miles Of Horizon, Sunshowers & Goldenflowers, Winding Roads.


For all roadtrippers who already had their once in a lifetime roadtrip USA, from the Eastcoast to the Westcoast, under their (seat)belts, or for all those who are still planning their big adventure. These driving tracks aren’t only meant for „Neal and Jack and me“, they’re for anyone’s personal USA roadmovie, with all inclusive potholes, blind curves, endless highways and funky truckstops.

Album Art: Nina Hasselluhn

Album Theme: Agriculture. Listen to Cows And Cowboys, Biscuits, Beef & Banjos, Growing Green Gardens and Lazy Sundays.


Remember what mashed potatoes tasted like when your grandma made them with real potatoes instead of some kind of chemical powder you just add boiling water to? If you don’t, then it’s high time to introduce you to Slowfood & Grass Roots Growing for kinder & gentler meals. The kids and your mate will love you more. Start a revolution in your suburban backyard. The neighbors won’t only be jealous, they’ll be over for dinner.

Album Art: Woody Jackson

Album Theme: World Ocean. Listen to Chambers of the Sea. Smooth Sailing. Sundowns and Lost Days.


And when the storm is over and the sea is calm and silent, the music on the horizon is at times peaceful and tranquil, but we know that can change in an instant to fear, danger and deep dark depth…when the warm and sunny days turn windy and cold, in an instant. This is the soundtrack for winding water ways and the emotion that accompanies the brave and adventurous voyager.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: World Ocean. Listen to The Age of Discovery. Distant Horizons. Pirates and Ghost Ships.


This album is dedicated to all of the bold and courageous explorers from a few centuries ago. It’s hard to imagine the guts these guys had to set sail on wooden ships and not even know if the world was flat or round. Not to mention other discouraging factors like pirates, killer waves and monsters of the sea. A tribute to all of the discoveries of those fearless men – if it weren’t for them, a lot of us wouldn’t be where we are now.

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Physics. Listen to Forward Momentum. Hidden Forces. Wave Particles and Matter Manipulation.


Do we remember any of this stuff from Highschool or College? If you don’t, this album will refresh your memory, musically, with topics surrounding physics, higher math and overall geekiness. The perfect musical ambience for scientific, medicinal, nature and high brow intellectual documentaries worldwide.

Album Art: Matthias Brandner

Album Theme: Romantic Stories. Listen to Teardrops In The Rain. Velvet Roses and Paper Trees.


Is it possible to die of a broken heart? Or move mountains with a love so strong? We think that when it comes to love, everything is possible. And here you now have the soundtracks to accompany every blind or missed date, forgotten anniversary, love gone bad or love darn good. For every happy, helpless or hopeless heart out there. Love, MAM.

Album Art: Christine Keruth

Album Theme: Pop Art. Listen to NYC. The Factory. Silkscreening and Instant Art.


Do you ever wonder what is what like to be part of the inner scene of art and music in NYC in the late 1960′s? We do. But we also know our limitations, we can’t beam out of here and go there but we can make believe and recreate the vibe. And this vibe will really blow all of you art and music lovers and dealers out there away. All the way back into the NYC of then…and who knows, you may even like these tunes better!

Album Art: Jill Stasium

Album Theme: Computer Science. Listen to Online Breakthroughs and Setbacks, Social Networks and Lost Identities.


Speed driven onliners unite with this depiction of modern man and woman’s computer addiction. The good, the bad and the ugly are all covered on this album dedicated to an electronic box that the world can’t live without anymore. So grab a cup of gourmet java, turn it on and listen in.

Album Art: Manuela Knaut

Album Theme: International Business. Listen to the Stock Market. Trading Floor. Wall Street. Power Lunches.


In today’s international economy, the world may be getting smaller but the big bucks are getting bigger.From an honest and long, hard day of work in India and Malaysia, to a five hour stockbroker power lunch in NYC, we’re covering alot of different business attitudes and goals around the globe.

Album Art: Bernd Erich Gall

Album Theme: Psychology. Listen to Childhood Memories. Growing Up. Falling In Love. Relationships.


Do you remember being young? Do you remember your childhood? What was “growing up” like in your life? This can be the musical story of anyone’s life, from the beginning to the end, with all of the emotions that surround us day in and day out…a sentimental journey into your heart’s memories.

Album Art: Stefanie Hoellering

Album Theme: Biology. Listen to the Wonders of Nature. Green Trees. Birds & Bees. Majestic Oceans.


Just as the seasons appear and leave us again around the same time every year and we feel this rhythm in our lives and just as the earth revolves around the sun in our atmosphere and we expect a night and a day, the music on this album reflects life’s rhythms and atmospheres.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

Album Theme: Astronomy. Listen to the Final Frontier. Space. Discovery. Infinity. Shooting Stars.


The idea behind this album is space in all of its entirety and endless dark skies of discovery. In my mind, I tried to capture what it must be like to be an astronaut and boldly go where noone has ever gone before. Is there life on Mars? Air or water anywhere up there? Will we ever know? Is anyone out there? Going up and coming down.

Album Art: Peter Casagrande

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