Matt Prior

Matt is a guitarist, producer and film music composer based in UK who tours and records worldwide with established artists. „My philosophy when writing these tracks was to create a sense of depth and space using a mix of traditional instruments and sound design. I wanted the tracks to work equally well when used as an ambient bed or a featured part of score.“

Alex Toff

Alex is an English musician and composer living just outside London who has recorded and toured with many high profile artists.„Space is a topic I‘ve always been very interested in and having a diverse knowledge of music has enabled me to create these spatial tracks. The vastness that space dictates is such an exciting subject to work with and I feel it pushes my creative boundaries.“

Bob Holroyd

Bob is an English musician and composer who has been commissioned to write music that appears on film and television throughout the world. „For Biorhythms & Biospheres, I have tried to explore and represent the relationship between the organic and the modern. The tracks have a cyclical feel evoking images of DNA spirals, cellular organisms, molecular structures and natural rhythms which evolve and develop over time but still retain their small intimate nature.“

John Richards, Ben Becker und Robin Gold

are a UK based writer/production team with a diverse background of music styles. Having cut their teeth composing trailer music for major film franchises like Harry Potter, Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean, they began to diversify by composing music for global TV shows like America’s Next Top Model, X-Factor and MTV’s Cribs. As multi-instrumentalists with a passion for real instrumentation, they consistently deliver unique, high quality music brimming with personality and character.

Rick Kenton

Rick Kenton is a British bass player who has played, collaborated and written for a multitude of excellent bands including but not limited to Roxy Music, Savage Progress, Thompson Twins and Shriekback. In 1990 Rick tuned into composing and producing for commercials and broadcast, initially at the Real Music Company and since 1994 as a freelance composer on production music for film and television.

Rupert Embleton-Smith

Rupert Embleton Smith grew up with a passion more for the sports field than the music room. At his secondary school he soon became enthused by his music teachers and from there a spark was lit and his love for creating music began. In 2009 he graduated from the London College of Music with an honors BA in Music Technology. As well as composing brilliant music, he also teaches drums and enjoys a round of golf.

Peter Kent W. Macpherson

Peter Kent W. Macpherson has degrees in music composition from both Latrobe University and The Australian Film Television and Radio School in Melbourne. He plays a variety of instruments including but not limited to bass, guitar, saz, sitar, keyboards, mandolin, zither, cavaquinho, Irish bouzouki, mandola, quatro, melodica and banjo. He is also currently working on a Masters in composition & scoring at the Waikato Institute of Technology.

Lee Groves

Lee Groves is a British/Australian producer based in Sydney, Australia. After learning to play keyboards at the age of 8, Lee started his love affair with music. Since then, Lee has programmed critically acclaimed sound cards for a large range of synthesisers and continues to develop, record and program sounds while simultaneously producing, recording and writing with a multitude of local and international top liners.

Pete Marett

Pete Marett has been playing drums, writing and producing music for over a quarter century. The early years were mostly spent playing in bands and for the last few years Pete has become more involved in composing music for film and television with countless credits to his name. Production and Remix credits shared by both Lee and Pete include Britney Spears/Madonna, Nsync, Iron Maiden, The Ruts, Lightning Seeds and many more…

Paul Honey

Paul Honey’s musical career began as a young chorister at Westminster Abbey, where he sang daily in the choir. Since graduating from Southampton University, he has enjoyed a highly varied career, working primarily as a pianist and keyboard player in jazz and world music early on, and in the last few years, concentrating on working as a composer and arranger in television, media and for the concert platform.

Wolf-Dietrich Stein

Wolf-Dietrich Stein is a German author and composer living in Magdeburg where he has worked for many years as a radio producer writing and producing radio jingles, commercials and trailers. At the young age of 14, Wolf fell in love with the sound of the piano and began composing and performing his own music. In addition to writing music, Wolf also loves travelling the world and writing books about his travel adventures.

Elizabeth Levine

Elizabeth Levine is a dynamic and versatile composer, violinist and pianist based in London. She began composing and improvising on the piano at age five. Elizabeth developed her interest in composition over the next 20 years, including professional studies at the Royal Academy of Music, where she graduated in 2007 with a degree in classical violin. Her distinctive style, coupled with addictive feel-good melodies shines through all her work, ranging from film and TV music, orchestral textures, edgy trailer music and piano ballads.

Michael Tauben

Michael Tauben is a freelance composer, arranger and keyboard player. He has written in a wide variety of styles and for a range of media including television, radio, commercial pop, rock and jazz releases as well as numerous titles for various production music libraries. Michael also performs his own compositions with his jazz rock group, MT HedZ who play regularly in clubs and at festivals around London. And when he is not writing or performing, Michael engineers and produces recordings for other artists in his North London studio.

Adam Fielding

Adam Fielding is a UK based electronic musician specialising in blending rich soundscapes with strong melodies to create music that is both diverse and accessible, while retaining a strong emotional undercurrent. Adam first started writing music at a young age in the mid-90s and although he was originally more interested in computer programming than music, this mere hobby would later go on to become a passion for all things musical.

Carl Matthews

Carl Matthews has a rich history in the music field. In his previous incarnation Carl was one of the leading lights in the emerging UK electronic movement of the late 70‘s. His music was featured on many cassette releases through Mirage, the ICR label and Electronical Dreams, playing live at the UK Electronica festival in Sheffield University/ Octagon Centre complex in 1984. Today Carl devotes his time to music production specifically for TV, Radio and Film.

Martin Haene

From the quaint and wonderful little country of Switzerland, our featured team of composers Martin Haene and Marco Ricciardi are known for their distinctive style and high-end music for all media. The music of these two talented guys has been featured in movie soundtracks including “People Like Us” (Dreamworks), „Bring It On“ (Universal), “Warrior”, “Frankenhood” (Lionsgate) as well as commercials and TV series like „Melrose Place“ and on networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CW TV, and many more.

Marco Ricciardi

Marco attended the Swiss Jazz School in Zürich, finetuning his attention to detail and stringed instruments, while Martin collaborates with world class orchestrators, arrangers and musicians, guaranteeing a level of creative output which is never less than outstanding.

Jan Liesefeld

Jan is a composer and songwriter based in Cologne, Germany. Aside from his experience in writing music, Jan is a film and television director who also works as the head of editing for an advertising agency in Düsseldorf. His repertoire consists of a wide array of different music genres, from classically arranged compositions for orchestra to rock & pop music, from headbanging metal to experimental soundscapes.

Kenny Dickenson

Kenny is an acclaimed session musician, composer and producer from London, England with extensive experience in working with mainstream artists such as KT Tunstall, Natalie Imbruglia, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Dave Stewart, as well as some artists a little more left of center like The Cinematic Orchestra, Pete Doherty and Badly Drawn Boy. His music can also be heard on many commercials, film soundtracks and TV shows worldwide.

Sam Lewis-Eaton

Sam is a songwriter and guitar player from London. Influenced by an eclectic mix of music and experiences Sam has toured the world for a number of today‘s big acts. As a songwriter Sam has also produced his own albums as well as writing music for film, television and most recently, production music albums.