Stefanie Hoellering

Stefanie Hoellering‘s art is not easy to express in one term. She had allowed expressive gestures as well as informal elements to flow into her paintings. The images always move between abstraction and representation, without permanently abandoning the latter. Stefanie‘s preference in having worked in cycles, helps the viewer to identify an internal order within these works of art, which are often characterized by strong contrasts.

Peter Casagrande

Peter is a German/Italien artist who lives and works near Munich. The painting on the cover of this album is from the year 2005, entitled „2005-24“ oil on canvas, 200x160cm. „Space has always been my theme, from the beginning. I try to create a spatial experience in my art. Spatial movement, space that stretches and grows, space as a wide open concept.“

Bernd Erich Gall

Bernd Erich Gall attended the University of Karlsruhe from 1976 to 1982. From 1986 to 1997 he worked on figurative art and from 1997-1998 the figurative starting position was gradually replaced by expressive abstract art, currently characterized by minimal geometric color-field paintings.

Manuela Karin Knaut

Manuela Karin Knaut was born in 1970 and studied art education at the University of Giessen. The use of different materials such as tar, glue and sand, as well as various types of paper and surfaces are an integral part of her painting process.

Jill Stasium

Since graduating with a BFA from Montserrat College of Art in 1992, Jill Stasium has rarely passed a day without painting. Music is often the driving force behind her works, evidenced by bold brushstrokes and vibrant color. Jill lives and works in New York City, which she says is the most inspiring place she has ever been and has also made her the perfect choice for this compilation.

Christine Keruth

Christine Keruth is the managing director of the Galerie Frenhofer since 2007. She was the chairperson of the Galerie En passant from 2006-2007 and in 1999 she was an instructor at the International Summer Art School in Mikulov (Czech Republic). From 1984-1987 she studied Art at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee under M. Seidemann. Since 1982 she is employed by the big museums of Berlin. Besides national and international exhibits, her works are als owned by businesses and private persons.

Matthias Brandner

Matthias Brandner has been painting since 1981 and has gone through all of the classic stages of becoming a professional artist. Since the beginning, the energy of nature and the elements has been a prominent influence on his work. Brandner‘s courage in utilising colors and shapes as well as his conviction in implementing his ideas within his art have made him an important representative of contemporary art.

Woody Jackson

He fell in love with the Holsteins of Addison County, an affair which would make him world famous for his Holstein cow paintings and kick off a „cowmania“ that had dominated the latter part of the 20th century. Many millions have seen his cow art on the Ben & Jerry‘s Ice Cream containers. And now here it is on our MINDS AND MUSIC album “Farming Frontiers“. What a perfect match!