Happy New Year!

So it’s a brand new year again and everybody at MINDS AND MUSIC wishes you everything wonderful and whatever your heart desires for 2015. We are kicking off the New Year with our latest batch of 5 MAM albums entitled MAM016 THOUGHTS & THEORIES, MAM017 ECOLOGICAL ECHOES, MAM018 TICKING TIME, MAM019 WAVES & WIRES and MAM020 TV TRACKS. We also do our best at chosing topics which are of interest and most importantly useful to all of our audiovisual artists, ie. film producers out there. This time around our topics include „Philosophy“ (MAM016), „Ecology“ (MAM017), „Time“ (MAM018), „Electricity“ (MAM019) and „Reality TV“ (MAM020). These albums really came together for us by the end of last year and we were also very pleased to find the appropriate album art for each topic. For anyone who is interested in finding out more about a particular painting used for any of the MINDS AND MUSIC albums, we’ve included information pertaining to each artist on the inside of the digipak – yes, we have produced CDs again because we still believe that there are producers out there who like to „see“ our music, we know we do! – or for the onliners only amongst you, all details pertaining to the album and artwork can be found on our website as well. We truly hope you enjoy our music and welcome any and all feedback from you. Happy listening.